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December 12, 2021


Why would the Executive Branch deign to answer the Legislative Branch here?

What would make the fifth attempt any more compelling than the first four?

I agree with Sen. Tillis that IP is not the “rate limiting” force slowing down vaccine deployment, really anywhere in the world. That said, it betrays a certain misunderstanding of the stakes when one “urge[s] the Administration to abandon… attempts to… waive… American intellectual property (IP) rights… .” At no point has this administration advocated for waiving US IP rights. Rather, the point in contention is whether IN might be allowed to waive IN IP rights, or ZA might be allowed to waive ZA IP rights.

Incidentally, what does it mean to speak of “American… IP… rights—at home or abroad”? How can “American IP rights” be anywhere other than “at home.” If you are talking about IP rights abroad, then they are not—by definition—“American” IP rights.

For whatever odd reason, I see that Mr. DeLassus insists on his disinformation campaign.

Well, the reason is not all that odd, seeing how his cognitive dissonance between Big Pharma and Liberal Left is well recognized (by all but him, it appears).

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