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June 24, 2021


I would feel better about the declaration if they had agreed that all supplies would be given to COVAX and thus would distribute vaccines according to worldwide priorities, rather than collaborating in nationalist efforts to clear the shelves and vaccinate "me first." Similarly, in regard to their IP rights, I would feel better if the BIO industry had agreed to license all rights through the ACT Accelerator, so as to increase worldwide production. Instead, this appears to be lipstick on a pig, when the world urgently needs better value choices by industry to prevent death and disease, which also will come back to bite us in variants and other ways notwithstanding the short-term nationalism. Like it or not, we are now one integrated world - just look at the world economic losses and the >$7 trillion we just spent in a year domestically to address them. We will pay dearly in the long term for our nationalist approaches.

Professor Sarnoff,

Putting aside for the moment the HUGE emotional triggers that you apparently are suffering from, what exactly is the legal structure of this "Like it or not, we are now one integrated world"...?

Do I still enjoy all of the legal rights of being a US citizen?

Is democracy (or any form of democratic republic) inherently DEAD based on your emotionalism?

Don't get me wrong - I have been, well, skeptical of the Big Pharma actions all along (and I would dare say even more vocal about it than you), but your basis for authority is beyond troubling.

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