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May 06, 2021


"The IPO believes that the Administration's decision 'sets a dangerous precedent,' and contends that the 'misinformed approach' will 'not solve the problem it seeks to address.'"

I can certainly agree that the waiver that eventually emerges will not solve any real problems. It is an empty gesture---nothing more than a PR move, really.

Precisely because of its hollowness, however, I am not convinced that it is any sort of "dangerous precedent." It is only as "dangerous" as we make it to be. IPO does not *have* to characterize this as the start down a slippery slope. There is a perfectly fine argument to be made that the COVID19 pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime *exceptional* circumstance, and that actions taken in response to this exceptional circumstance are an *exception*, not a new normal. We really do ourselves no favors by characterizing this in a way that makes the public *think* of the waiver as a precedent.

A FIRST EVER instance is somehow to be viewed as having zero possible effect on precedent....?

Yes, that Reverse Tinkerbell effect is called to mind.

(and no, I know of no one that is actually holding the strawman position that somehow 'this' is a New Normal)

Now granted, mind you, it IS a fair question as to what possible next calamity might rise to a (at this point undetermined) standard that would invoke ANOTHER exception. There are of course MANY items that cause death world-wide, and some may even want to play a type of "Equity" card to elevate other matters to be considered for any such "NEW" standard for invoking (multiple, or multiply different) levels of IP waiver.

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