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August 23, 2020


While well written, your parodies simply make me both sad and angry. Sad, that genuine and valuable inventions cannot be protected by patent under today's interpretation of §101. Angry, that this nonsense has persisted, robbing inventors of the fruits of their labors, and making it impossible for patent practitioners to give useful advice to our clients regarding what is patentable in many arts. Please now turn your attention to crafting a solution to this problem and advocating it before the courts and Congress.

You only have to look at the drawing to see that the claimed invention plainly does not qualify as a "machine". There is nothing mechanical about the innovation whatsoever - it is all plainly a mental act. Judge Reyna would see that at a glance. Whatever was Mr Burroughs thinking of getting involved with the patent system?

AH, but Mr. Cole, you overlook the 'wisdom' of our Supreme Court, who in the very ALICE decision itself made clear that claims that BOTH SIDES attested to as fully falling into the machine category, were, nonetheless, abstract.

Your "nothing mechanical" merely reflects that which you have been chastised about previously - you seem to have fallen back to a view that 'exception' means NOT belonging to one of the statutory categories in the first instance.

That is just not the meaning of the word - as has been put to you so many times now.

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