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July 22, 2020


Well-done, Michael.

As "a sarcastic parody" of a 101 rejection it's not that great, since a detailed novel cryptography system has even been used by patent law experts as an example of a technology NOT likely to be held invalid under 35 U.S.C. §101 if properly claimed.


I am not disagreeing with you that a detailed novel cryptography system should be valid under 101. But is that what the RSA patent claimed?

If the RSA patent was evaluated under today's reductionist interpretation of Alice by the Federal Circuit, it would almost certainly be held ineligible. This would happen in spite of it being one of the most innovative and practical software inventions of the last 50 years.


Mr. Morgan,

Shall we ask the Cleveland Clinic about those "examples?"

As you may recall, they fashioned continuation claim DIRECTLY on a USPTO example for eligible under 35 USC §101, only to lose at court.

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