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October 20, 2019


Nicely written. An interesting exercise would be to find examples of inventions, if any, that cannot be readily dismissed as unpatentable in the eyes of a sufficiently hostile or ignorant judge.

Washington DC, October 21, 2019. The US Supreme Court today took the unusual step of issuing a per curiam opinion concurring in the denial of certiorari in the widely-reported Edison Light Bulb case.
"Rarely have we more whole-heartedly agreed with the Federal Circuit than in this case," stated Associate Justice B. from the bench. Squinting in the soft candle light he continued: "We have long held that patents must be kept within their legitimate scope, or else they tie up technological progress. Today, our nation enjoys the wonders of steam propulsion, of wondrous physicks compounded by our skilled apothecaries. Even telephony, we are told, will soon be within our technological reach. With patents like these, none of that would have come to pass." While solemn mumbles of agreement were heard from the other Justices, there were also moments of levity. One Justice stated "I like lightbulbs. Do you like lightbulbs?", triggering jokes from other members of the Court about the Federal Circuit as "people with propeller hats."

Stop hurting me.

The parody refutes itself, which is kind of meta. 223,898 would not be invalidated under Alice by the CAFC- although anything can happen at any time with any law when you have a raft of unqualified district judges.

That said, Alice is a 112/103 test and should not be an eligibility test...

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