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August 01, 2023


Surely Judge Stark would be recused though right?

Finally, a moment of clarity. For now.

One would think that if Judge Stark ended up on the panel, he would recluse himself.

This is a happy bit of news, even if it could all change in time. A small glimmer of sanity.

Dear Mr. Michael Borella,
Internet sites teach that Judge Leonard Stark has an economics college degree,a master's degree in history, has a politics PhD degree, and a law school degree.
Thus, Judge Stark lacks formal education in science yet opined on a science invention. If he is savvy he will excuse himself from any appeal board to protect his career.
Wikipedia re natural frequency, teaches "Free vibrations of an elastic body are called natural vibrations and occur at a frequency called the natural frequency. Natural vibrations are different from forced vibrations which happen at the frequency of an applied force (forced frequency). If the forced frequency is equal to the natural frequency, the vibrations' amplitude increases manyfold. This phenomenon is known as resonance."
The patented process concerned making a machine using a synthetic material component which would operate near its natural frequency to absorb a machine operation causing resonance.
It is not surprising that many authorities found the patented process to be valid under Section 101 and not a product of nature. Why the legal system failed for 5 years in this case shows the legal system is Section 101 reckless and broken at this point.

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