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July 19, 2022


It would be interesting to learn, in relation to each of the representative claims in issue, how the positive requirements of the claimed methods satisfy the "process" requirement of section 101.

This CareDx opinion is far worse than the prior bad diagnostics decisions:

• The panel’s opinion distressingly ignores – totally -- the patent's discussion of a decade of prior art failures that could not effectively measure the natural correlation and also ignores the prior art’s express statements that it was “impractical” to try to do so.

• If it were so conventional to measure the long known correlation in the patented fashion, how come according to the patent so many workers over so many years tried and failed to do so concluding it was “impractical.”

If I were CareDx, I would have argued (and maybe they did) that cell-free DNA from a transplanted organ does not occur in nature: organ transplants are not a natural phenomenon.

Sean Brennan,

Business methods are not a natural phenomenon.

The "occur in nature" aspect has descended to being merely the 'place' of the command of 'just apply it' occurs, and has become untethered to its original mode of "nature has the exact claimed item - as a whole - already extant.

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