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July 09, 2019


Hey Don,

Now that all 12 Federal Circuit judges have said such diagnostic methods should be eligible under 101 but for the nonsensical Mayo decision, SCOTUS needs to take the eventual petition for cert and fix the mess that they've created. That SCOTUS failed to do so in the earlier Sequenom case is utterly irresponsible on their part.


The last time that I saw such a discordant cacophony from the ensembled CAFC was the en banc "decision" in the Alice case.

Of course, that case then went up to the Supreme Court, which promptly made matters worse.

"...the Supreme Court has effectively told us in Mayo that correlations between the presence of a biological material and a disease are laws of nature"
I didn't know the Supreme Court were scientific experts - quite a multi-talented bunch!

It gets even better, Sean. Since ALL medication utility merely comes from the body’s response to whatever it is that has been given to it, the effective utility is thus nullified from having any patentable weight under 35 USC 101 (after all, all that is happening is the body is only following “laws of nature” in creating any metabolite (or any metabolic action). ;-p

Her colleagues still don't get it: when Judge Newman dissents, it means the majority got it wrong.

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