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April 07, 2019


Starting with:

"because the patent did not purport to have invented... or the statistical methods used to compare a patient's MPO levels to the control group, the claims recited no further inventive concept sufficient to transform the nature of the claims into a patent-eligible application of the natural law”

Is the court really implying that had the Cleveland Clinic come up with “new math,” that such “new math” ( itself arguably ‘merely a law of nature’), would have sufficed to provide that (undefined) “something more?”

I am:

Hey Don

Cleveland Clinics II is a "clarion call" as to how SCOTUS' unprincipled "making" not "interpreting" law on patent-eligibility is already having severe and adverse affects on the development of medical diagnostics. Even the Federal Circuit can't be persuaded by the new USPTO guidelines on patent-eligibility to ameliorate these effects.

Cleveland Clinics has already announced that it is suspending further efforts on developing medical diagnostics because of this hostile environment to such patents. Who else will do so, ultimately to the public's detriment?

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