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June 29, 2011


Really useful post. Wish I could have been there.

Nunally, I would be more inclined to agree with you if you could persuade those in your own art to agree with you first. Until they get on board, your whole "metaphor" argument rings a little hollow. From the wiki to other pages around the web it appears quite clear that your fellows consider DNA to literally "comprise" information.

Mr. Saunders, I don't think I see your notes that were so graciously made available. Also, whatever on earth made you think the panel was leaning towards upholding the PTO's view? I was there and I got not such impression. The impression I got was that all the judges were very confused on a great many things, so much so that their decision will be a crpshoot at best. That is, if they spend a couple of years drafting it.

Sorry about not making it down to fado's the other night fellas, called the little lady and she was writing a paper and then I didn't really feel like getting ready and I was kind of late at that point anyway.

o m g censorship! I posted 2x things and either this site is so poorly designed to post comments or I'm being censored entirely, with both posts being free of objectionable content iirc.

Third time.

Mr. Nunnally, go convince those of skill in your art that it is a mere metaphor then I will be more convinced of your position. It appears that those of skill disagree with you.

Mr. Saunders, I cannot find the slides which you so generously have supposedly allowed us to see. Also, what makes you think the CAFC is leaning towards upholding the pto's position? I was there, and I got no such feeling. It seemed to me that they were so confused that no matter what decision they issued it would be random and nonsensical and it would be anyone's guess who's side it would be on.


You do realize that we have day jobs, right? By the way, there was only one unpublished comment in the queue, not two, and the link for the slides is the word "here" in the sentence that reads: "The slides from the presentation can be found here."


Alright alright, but a comment "moderation" system that takes over a day may as well be no comments at all. You guys should make me a mod so I can help you guys moderate comments faster ;) ;) hint hint. Just since you guys allegedly have day jobs and all. Without comments blogs are very little.

And yah I think my first post got eaten by the comments posting function. Typepad or whatever does not work well here at the office.


May I suggest that Don is correct in stating that many of us in the private IP sector do have "day jobs" we need to pay attention. Folks like Don and Kevin can't always immediately hop on every comment you make to post it. Chill out.

EG, may I suggest that Don and Kevin are big boys and can defend themselves? Telling 6 to chill out is code for "6, like his hero Obama, is a Muslim socialist bent on destroying our Christian nation. Oh, and everything is patent-eligible." Isn't there another blog where you can hang out with other patent tea party members?

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