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March 10, 2011


Interesting. From a European perspective, it is also interesting that the exclusive licensor to Genzyme of the "Fabrazyme patents", i.e. Mount Sinai, has started litigation to bar sales of the alternative product Replagal (by Shire, developed by then-TKT) in Germany. Replagal, of course, is approved in the EU but not in the US. So, all in all, Mount Sinai and Genzyme are attempting to stop sales of the only drug that patients are able to get their hands on, while not being able to supply their own.

Please, pass me the barf bag. I don't even know where to begin with how much the plaintiffs' suit reeks. If this is the way they want to play, then Genzyme's proper response to hold an auction: there's a shortage (which I seriously doubt Genzyme is interested in perpetuating), so the one who's willing to pay the most for it deserves it. Economics 101.

Please let us know when this suit gets tossed out on its ear.

If misuse is indeed found, does that nullify the patent?

" Even though Fabrazyme® is covered by a patent, taxpayer dollars paid for it under the Bayh-Dole act (35 U.S.C. § 200 et seq.)."

Wait a minute. What precisely were they trying to get the gov. to march in on just awhile back if not a patent?

"Please let us know when this suit gets tossed out on its ear."

Lulz, idk about that one bucko. Looks to me like they probably did everything alleged. Whether or not it is agin the lawl is another matter of course, but the lawl appears fairly lulzy on this issue so the corp may have a bit of an issue.

So why are only six patients named in the suit. I do not remember ever being asked if I wanted to join in. I think it's all BS lawyers want to get rich by standing on the backs of the sick pretending to look out for them. Toss the case!

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