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April 28, 2024


It is a matter of considerable regret that an individual of the stature and professional experience of Judge Newman (whom I have met personally at AIPLA meetings) should be subjected to the present proceedings. Given her age, the extensive delay inherent in the proceedings is also a significant source of injustice. To quote from Dr Faustus: "I am sloth. I was begotten on a sunny bank where I have lain ever since; and you have done me great injury to bring me from thence ..." If the proceedings are to go ahead, the great need is to get on with the job, focus on the essentials and reach a timely decision, not to hang around in the present way. And if a reply brief it to be filed, the proper time frame is a week, not months as we might suspect.

Thanks, Paul. The Reply brief has been filed; we just haven't put up the post yet.

Working on it.

Thanks for the comment/

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