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November 24, 2023


Knute Rockne is rolling over in his grave at the thought of an AI-generated computer coach.

Can AI measure (or predict) who wants it more?

Should be an interesting weekend.

Would be immensely more interesting with the following:

Bama beats Georgia
Texas beats Oklahoma St
Washington beats Oregon
Michigan beats Iowa
Louisville beats Florida State

Michigan gains Number 1
Washington gains Number 2
Oregon and Florida State out.

Numbers 3 and 4 to be from Ohio State, Bama, and Texas.

Who knows at that point.

All except Florida State - and they are somehow SCREWED with the "all animals are equal, some are just more equal than others" elevation of the one-loss Bama OVER the perfect season and (also) conference winner Florida State.


Ask Michigan whether they wanted to play FSU or Bama in their semifinal and you'll have your answer.

And for the record, I have no dog in the hunt – I'm a Notre Dame fan (who is disappointed that we're not playing LSU in a bowl game).

One loss Bama has no business taking the place of an undefeated team - there is no consideration for whom Michigan would prefer to play.

The committee considered a number of criteria in determining the four teams in the CFP. While I agree that who Michigan preferred to play was NOT one of the criteria, whether or not a team is undefeated is also not the sole criterion either.

Unfortunately for FSU fans, there were seven teams (in my opinion) that had an argument to be in the field, but there were only four seats at the table. If the 12-team playoff had been in place this year – as it appeared it would until some power brokers, including the ACC commissioner, prevented that from happening – this would not have been an issue.

Dr. Zuhn - the point is NOT whether or not seen teams could make an argument.

The point is that the one-loss team should not have been placed above an undefeated team.

Both were conference champions, and Bama's loss WAS AT HOME.

I have yet to see a legitimate position explaining the leap over another team when both are playing for their respective conference championships in the final week -- at that is the only change from the rankings of that prior week.

IF there were "other conditions," then Florida State should have started prior to Championship Week ranked lower than Bama.

They were not.

This (and Georgia's "re"placement above Ohio State a few weeks back based ON NOTHING) is merely evidence of an unsubstantiated SEC bias that has no place in the committee.

The committee's mandate is not to simply take four undefeated teams (otherwise Liberty would be in) or even to take all of the undefeated teams from the power 5 conferences (and then FSU gets in) or even to take all of the undefeated teams from power 5 conferences and then fill any vacancies according to the selection criteria. I could offer some reasons as to why I think FSU was bypassed by the committee, but I have a feeling that none of my reasons would be good enough for you.

Still not addressing the point that prior to the last set of games in Championship week, with ALL other variables accounted for, Florida State was ranked 4 while Bama was ranked 8.

Both win their respective conferences (BOTH power 5 - so the "Liberty gambit" is quite meaningless), and Florida State drops?

There is NO reasonable way that happens.

PS - your 'reasons' cannot be reasonable, so you are likely correct that they would not be good enough for me. Nor should they be good enough for any sane mind.

Saw a clip that featured a "lessons learned" from the Georgia-TCU game of Jan 10, 2023 (along with the fact that there are other economic and political pressures for a Disney-owned entity to hew to the SEC) that VERY MUCH adds context to the SCREW-OVER of Florida State.

As they say, 'follow the money.'

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