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October 24, 2023


With respect, and with appreciation for the effort and time that goes into compiling and posting these updates, I would like to gently suggest that the second item—regarding applicant's suggested publication figure—is slightly inaccurate. The posting makes it seem as though the USPTO has announced a change in policy as to whether it will honor applicant's suggested publication figure in an ADS. However, as I read it at least, the actual OG notice is a little different. The OG notice does not seem to indicate any change in honoring (or not) applicant's suggested publication figure in an ADS. Instead, the main thrust of the OG notice is that: "The USPTO is eliminating its ... consideration of the application transmittal letter for the applicant's figure suggestion." This is what I understand is meant by the OG notice's statement that the USPTO will "exclusively use" a suggested publication figure in an ADS.


AIPLA has asked the USPTO to delay the full transition to PatentCenter due to problems noted by its members: https://www.aipla.org/detail/news/2023/10/30/aipla-comments-on-patent-center-and-the-retirement-of-efs-web-and-private-pair
Carl Oppedahl has noted a number of problems and has a list of “trouble tickets” at https://patentcenter-tickets.oppedahl.com/

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