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April 06, 2023


To "conceive" an invention it is not enough to generate a design for an article of commerce. One has to i) assess the design and "conceive" that it might indeed be an embodiment of a patentable inventive concept, and then ii) output in readable form what that conceived concept is.

But what if, in the near future, an AI not only outputs a product design but also a set of claims fitting to the design, and oven-ready for filing at the USPTO. Has the AI then done enough to be entitled to be recognised as having "conceived" an invention?

Mr. Max Drei,

It is beyond trivial for an AI to ALSO perform an assessment, as well as to output in readable form.

Why do you strain so much to deny the non-human aspect of an innovation without a human being the innovator?

At the minimum in the US Sovereign, our laws protect innovation by humans - under the foundation of the Lockean exchange of Quid Pro Quo.

As in the parallel case of the Naruto (colloquial recalling here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_selfie_copyright_dispute ) the mere presence of creativity is not necessarily recognized by a legal grant of intellectual property.

I am genuinely perplexed by the level of effort to NOT understand the legal foundations that control.

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