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April 30, 2023


I would point out that any legislation on the EU side as to "harmful uses" may well NOT be amenable to US legislation, given our First Amendment.

The entire notion of "spreading disinformation" SHOULD BE SEEN as a logistical/political/ideological swampland.

As we 'learn' more and more about such things as COVID and the like, what was largely denigrated as "conspiracy theory" and "disinformation" has turned out to be plainly factual information.


Isn't "disinformation" meaningless for generative AI ? For a generative AI, truth does not exist.

As to "harmful uses", I assume a generative AI has built-in moderation algorithms which block offensive language and the like for obvious reasons.


I cannot agree.

Generative AI may well yield a result that is a factual dissertation, and thus "truth" very much is reachable.

As for "built-in," these have been labeled "guard rails," and -- like it or not -- have been shown to not only be rather easily circumventable, but with the proliferation of AI tools (including ones that are 'let loose' and interact outside of guard rails and bootstrap with OTHER AI tools, there is no doubt whatsoever that "harmful uses" will abound.

Quite in fact, several notable pioneers in the AI field have been quite public about this in just the last few days.

There is a problem with your conclusion that truth is reachable with generation AIs : you have no access to the sources, the output is not vérifiable.


Access to source is not a constraint to verifiability of outcome.

Quite in fact, most accepted norms of verifiability encourage second source verifications.

Regardless - this has zero effect on whether or not truth is in fact reachable. There is NO problem with my conclusion.

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