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March 26, 2023


The earliest published application in the name DABUS in the Esp@cenet database is IL289683A of which claim 1 reads:

A food or beverage container comprising: (a) a generally cylindrical wall defining an internal chamber of the container, said wall having interior and exterior surfaces and being of uniform thickness; and (b) a top and a base disposed on either end of said cylindrical wall; wherein said wall has a fractal profile with corresponding convex and concave fractal elements on corresponding ones of said interior and exterior surfaces; and wherein the wall of the container is flexible, permitting flexing of said fractal profile thereof, said fractal profile of said wall permits coupliing by inter-engagement of a plurality of the containers together, and flexibility of said wall permits disengagement of said or any coupling of a plurality of the containers.

Brief perusal of the drawings and of the description and claims makes it clear that a person who believes that the subject-matter was invented by artificial intellegence is likely also to believe that the Earth is flat, that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and that burning materials evolve phlogiston. It would suffice, in my submission, to dispose of these applications on the ground that the allegation that DABUS was the inventor was not credible on the face of the document. It is surprising that hearing officers and judges can get lost in legalism when the simple answer is that the artificial intellegence inventorship is not credible on the face of the document.

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