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February 07, 2023


Thanks for the report.

"In recognition of the catastrophic failure of the international community in showing solidarity and equity in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic..."

I stopped reading the quotes from the WHO document when I saw the word "equity", which is the tip-off: the poor countries want to bind the rich countries to give up their IP.

Let's suppose, for a minute, that the mRNA vaccines against the original Wuhan virus had become available in March 2020. How would this have helped any of those countries where the provision of medical services are poor? Who was going to make refrigerators available in far-flung places - WHO? I don't see that it would have mattered much. So why should the countries that can develop these things be required to give them up to countries that not only aren't capable of developing them (or, in most cases, producing them), but can't even make widespread use of them?

There's no reason for the companies with the necessary vaccine/treatment development and production capabilities to expend money to develop and produce vaccines or treatments if that investment is not going to yield profits. The result would be no new vaccines or treatments for anybody, anywhere. You'd think people would get that through their heads, but no. Same way that some people have forgotten (or never noticed) that communism failed.

"...it is unlikely to survive in its current form given the strong pharmaceutical lobby, particularly in the European Union". Now that's encouraging news.

"solidarity" and "equity" are indeed loaded words.

What I do not understand is how many in the patent community not only NOT want to see this, but pretend that nothing is amiss with how the political encroachment continues unabated.

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