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January 31, 2023


Update with per TC rates:

TC Total Affirmed Affirmance Rate
1600 23 15 65.22%
1700 17 5 29.41%
2100 45 36 80.00%
2400 16 10 62.50%
2600 8 5 62.50%
2800 19 12 63.16%
2900 0 0 N/A
3600 300 291 97.00%
3700 53 51 96.23%

Thank you for this very interesting study. The recent USPTO/FDA listening session featured a number of speakers complaining about the ease with which companies allegedly obtain excessive patent protection. Many of the statistics and examples cited seemed completely at odds with my own experiences with TC 1600, so it's good to see more objective data and analysis of what is happening in the USPTO.

Useful data and analysis, many thanks for putting in the time and effort to assemble this.

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