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August 07, 2021


The speakers for this event exhibit a troubling lack of diversity.

Thank you Laura for your virtue signaling.

Now please put your activist privilege in check.

"The speakers for this event exhibit a troubling lack of diversity."

Really? Please elaborate. Are there an insufficient number of incompetent practitioners among the speakers? Because having both competent and incompetent practitioners would surely be a manifestation of diversity.

I see quite a few people from academia and quite a few from outside academia. Among the latter, it appears that all are from private law firms, with none being in-house counsel. Is that the "lack of diversity" of which you speak? Those firms, however, seem to be diverse in terms of size, clientele, and degree of specialization.

Also, in addition to explaining what you mean by "diversity" in the present context, please explain why "diversity" per se is a necessary condition for a quality CLE program.

I ask because, when I attend a CLE meeting, I want good value for my money. I'd like to know how "diversity", in the sense in which you use that term, guarantees me such value.

They are good speakers or shall I rephrase, humans having interesting opinions. There is only one woman in the bunch. I do not know about the heritage of each of the speakers to know without a doubt the diversity of the panel. I do get discouraged, knowing the great female practitioners in the field to see only one woman on the panel.

Why is gender/racial diversity necessary? - for role models, feelings of community/affinity, safety, mentoring. For comfort. I frequently watch men not walk into a room filled with women, but I frequently am the only woman in the room and sometimes the only white woman. I will add that racial and gender diversity also contribute to intellectual diversity as they have gathered different datasets in a similar a manner if we bring together people from different parts of the country, different ages, and different educational backgrounds, we have different data sets.

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