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« Yu v. Apple (Fed. Cir. 2021) | Main | CVC Opposes Broad's Motion to Exclude Evidence and Broad Files Reply »

June 15, 2021


Your posts concerning this ongoing proceeding are informative and appreciated.

Thanks, R

I second what R. said!

Also, what does it mean that "Broad's opposition to this motion asserts existentially ..."? Is that just a typo for "essentially"? Maybe it really is existential and I'm just not appreciating how.



My chance to wax a little philosophically, hr - and I'm not a philosopher. "Essentially" may be better but the idea was Broad says the CVC inventors themselves didn't think CRISPR was going to be immediately adaptable to eukaryotic cells (no matter what they say now).

Thanks for the comment

OK, thank you. That makes sense.

Happy JNID and TGIF!


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