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June 07, 2021


Another concise and informative summary, thank you.

Can I just clarify one thing about Liff? While, as you noted, it has a brick-and-mortar (is that a bad mixed metaphor?) aspect in the form of the cabinet, that was not the relevant disclosure. Liff also discloses what p. 11 of the opinion calls "a user interface for a workstation." (The specification describes it as a "user interface for the RPH workstation software.") That interface, which is a virtual aspect, and which is shown in the Fig. 14F you excerpted, was the disclosure under consideration.

It's a minor point for sure, but I figure it's always good to clarify.

Thanks, hard - that's why I included the figure, but you are right, my description could be misinterpreted.

Thanks for the clarification.

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