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November 08, 2020


If we go back to the Bilski case and look at what Justice Stevens attempted to do there with a direct attempt to rewrite the words of Congress vis a vis Business Methods, your analysis can be made much simpler.

This though would draw the more direct question and lead to the apparent impropriety of the Supreme Court deciding of their own accord the policy decision of what may or may not be considered to belong to the Useful Arts.

It is (or should be) abundantly clear that the Useful Arts includes Business Methods.

It should be (but sadly is not) also abundantly clear that the entire mess of eligibility jurisprudence can be FIRST laid at the feet of the Supreme Court, with generous helpings of additional muckery to the rest of the judicial branch and extending out to the other two branches as well.

Drive this to its point here, and we can arrive at a permanent answer.

Will that happen?

Well, I remain...

Although about GUI patenting, the above article is about appellate decisions on utility patents claiming variable screen data displays. Design patenting of GUI screen icons themselves has been going on even before the expanded-Board decision in Ex parte Strijland (Bd. Pat. App. & Int. 1992).

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