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August 12, 2020


Link to the decision itself?

Here it is:


"Qualcomm has a "no license, no chips" policy to enforce these arrangements, refusing to sell the OEMs who do not license their SEP portfolios." Unclear sentence, Kevin. Does "them" refer to OEMs (in which case the plural pronoun makes sense, but what does Qualcomm care if OEMs offer licenses to their own SEPs?), or does "them" refer to Qualcomm (in which case the plural pronoun doesn't make sense, but presumably Qualcomm doesn't sell its chips, or allow sales of licensed chips, to OEMs that don't license Qualcomm's SEPs)?


Dear Atari: as I understand the program, the OEM needs to purchase a license for the relevant Qualcomm patent portfolio (i.e., cellular SEP license for chips used in cell phones, etc.) in order to purchase the chips and Qualcomm refuses to cell the chips without a license. This relates to the patent exhaustion consequences of the Quanta Computer decision, because should an OEM buy chips without a license Qualcomm would not be able to collect royalties on the license from the end purchaser because the patent rights would have expired upon sale to the OEM.

Sorry for the confusion

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