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April 15, 2020


A quick check on the esp@cenet database reveals that although there was a PCT application, no attempt was made to regionalize the case at the EPO. Given the EPO approach to eligibility that is hardly surprising!

Mr. Cole,

I am not sure what you think that your point is. That different Sovereigns have chosen different rules and that a rule against business methods per se in one Sovereign somehow excuses another Sovereign from following their own differently selected rules that allow business methods?

Here, wear my glasses, they work for me. What? They do not work for you? What is wrong with you?

Paul, I see that there is a grant in Canada, but I see none anywhere outside North America, despite Applicant going the PCT route and despite there being an A publication in Australia.

So what of value does that tell us about variations in patent eligibility, all round the world, these days?

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