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November 18, 2019


Kevin, this may be one of the biggest, and the last big, interference ever, so your tracking it is appreciated.
Could you also publish the names of the respective interference-expert attorneys?

With the amount of money being spent on this interference, I assume a final decision will be further delayed by a 35 USC 146 civil action therefrom, and then a Fed. Cir. appeal of that?

For the Broad et al.: Steven R. Trybus, Locke Lord, and Raymond N. Nimrod, Quinn Emmanuel

For Berkeley: Eldora L. Ellison, Ph.D., Eric K. Steffe, David H. Holman, Ph.D., and Ralph Wilson Powers III, Ph.D.

For Vienna: Sandip H. Patel and Greta E. Noland, Marshall Gersten

For Charpentier: Li-Hsien Rin-Laures, M.D., RinLaures LLC

The last time the parties went straight to the Federal Circuit, which is likely to happen this time too. It is unlikely that there will be any stone unturned to justify district court action, but if there is an evidentiary matter perhaps.

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