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October 21, 2019


Happy Birthday! And keep up the good and valuable work - those of us fighting in the trenches benefit from your insights and concise analyses of often-baffling CAFC (and always-baffling SCOTUS) jurisprudence.

Our pleasure; thanks so much for your valuable commentary, reportage, and insights.

Very hearty congratulations. Yours is an invaluable resource.

Congratulations to Kevin, Donald, and all at patentdocs. I believe that 13 years for an online blog is 137 years in real time. The insights you've provided on court decisions and legislation has been very valuable. I remember covering IP conferences for other publications and the moderators would usually say, "And we have media here. Patentdocs is here"--which is a tribute to your influence. The best of luck for another 13 years--or another 137, whatever.


I can always count on a meaningful legal analysis of the topics that you cover.

While not being as "provocative" as other patent blog sources, the niche you serve is most appreciated!

To the All Patent Docs:

Congratulations on the great work for these 13 years.

Congrats and thanks for the great work!

Lucky 13. The substantial amount of work to exhaustively write-up virtually everything newsworthy in the patent arena is humbling. I'm grateful for the education and impressed by the diligence and scholarship displayed. Hope it rolls for many more years to come.

Congrats on 13 years of patiently and precisely elucidating an often shifting IP landscape.

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