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April 11, 2019


An important initiative deserving of great support.

Feel free to add the other blade of the Kavanaugh Scissors (the steps for the Court to reverse itself, as explicated in the oral arguments of California Franchise Tax Board v. Hyatt).

Seriously? Suggesting as being effective for a Fed. Cir. rehearing grant the filing of additional briefs to the Fed. Cir. attacking several Sup. Ct. decisions as unconstitutional?

Mr. Morgan,

What exactly are you taking issue with? That some would seek to engage on a thoughtful questioning of Constitutional issues?

Coming from you - knowing full well how you have sought to dismiss ANY dialogue PREMATURELY that touches on Constitutional issues, I find your admonition of "Seriously?" to be the OPPOSITE of "seriously."

Maybe instead of ducking conversations (as is your typical MO), you had engaged in conversations and explored (much less made a point) of purported weaknesses, you might - just might - have had a leg to stand on here.

As it is, you do not, and thus, your own post cannot be taken seriously.

Stop trying to be a naysayer please. SOME actually want to engage on issues that rise to that important level of "constitutionality."

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