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April 26, 2019


An example of the negative media coverage of the pharma industry in the U.S.: Joe Nocera: "Why Big Pharma Is Winning the Drug Price Wars" (Bloomberg) [That report seems to even suggest marketing obfuscation and/or antitrust issues?]
Of patent concern, this kind of publicity seems likely to reduce the traditional pro-patent-law lobbying effectiveness of this industry.

Mr. Morgan,

Another example of "pro-patent" lobbying that reduces rather than benefits the overall view of patents can be seen in the Pharma efforts to eliminate or control natural secondary markets in the cross-border sense AFTER the patent holder has already achieved their benefit of a first sale - and the Big Pharma attempts to play a geographic sales game, which only make the average US citizen a de facto supporter of Big Pharma profit levels and artificially reduced prices in the foreign markets.

This aspect DOES circle back into the thread above, as Big Pharma allows itself to be negotiated INTO those "regulat[ed] drug prices by reference to an international index based on government-negotiated drug prices abroad" POSSIBILITY as is noted on a new post at: https://www.ipwatchdog.com/2019/04/28/accelerating-generic-entry-proven-solution-problem-prescription-drug-pricing/id=108586/

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