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October 04, 2018


Hey Don,

I don't know what your experience has been, but for me, this so-called Migration Tool provided by the USPTO has so far been an unmitigated fiasco. All I get is either that the page doesn’t exist or a 404 URL error message. I’m also not alone in having this happen. The USPTO group needs to get its act in gear to fix this glaring problem, or they’re going to have another PR disaster as happened when the EFS system was down for over a week not that long ago.


My experience has been better than yours. I used the Migration Tool yesterday (when composing the above post), and today I was able to access the EFS-Web and PAIR using my USPTO.gov account.


Hey Don,

Glad to hear at least some of us are having success. But for those of us who are having trouble making this migration, we might benefit from understanding how you were able to make this migration successfully.

In my opinion, for at change of this magnitude for a critical USPTO system, it shouldn't be as difficult to do as it appears to some of us. For example,the fact that clicking on the Migration Tool link brings up a message that the web page appears not to exist says to me and others that the rollout of this change is significantly flawed. Simply telling us to call their help line if we're having trouble won't remedy the bigger issue that this rollout is not sufficiently "goof proof."


I had a different problem than EG - clicking on the migration tool brought up an "Account Linking" page, which prompted me as follows: "To verify your account for eCommerce systems, please sign in with both your PKI Digital Certificate and your uspto.gov account", with a box on the left with a check mark indicating PKI certificate verified, and a box on the right with a sign-in button for my uspto.gov account. I clicked the sign-in button and signed in successfully, but a "continue" button in the lower right of the "Account Linking" page nonetheless remained grayed out / inactive.

I went to my MyUSPTO homepage and attempted to access Private PAIR, received a message that I was not authorized to access Private PAIR through my MyUSPTO account and prompted again to use the migration tool to link my accounts. I followed the migration tool link, and this time it indicated that I was signed in to both accounts and the "continue" button was activated.

I hope this explanation of the convoluted and seemingly redundant steps I had to take helps others who face a similar problem with migrating.


I also had problems with the migration tool. Called the EBC helpline and was told that you need to enable 2-factor authentication prior to using the migration tool. That seemed to do the trick.


Just to let you know, I had the same issue. Turning on two-factor authentication was not enough for me.

I had to turn on the "I want to use the two-step authentication method every time I sign into MyUSPTO." checkbox in the "account" page (accessed under the dropdown menu where your name displays when logged in).

This forced the two-factor authentication in the user login portion of the migration tool and completed the process for me.

Good luck!

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