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September 17, 2018


Dory actually is a surgeon fish and Nemo's buddy. The transposon comment was interesting. How does this fish compare to other organisms and to for example corn, which is where Barbara McClintock discovered and analyzed transposons. Albert Brooks played Nemo, by the way.

Love these posts Kevin - keep them coming.

Unfortunately, without Ellen I don't think Nemo would have been so popular. But you are taxonomically correct, of course.

I think the transposon comparisons with other species will come in future work (and if I had the time I could cull this out of the literature but that wouldn't be a good use of my time). Recall that Dr. McClintock noticed transposons due to mottling patterns of corn kernels; most transposons don't have as dramatic (or at least colorful) a phenotypic effect.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Let me play my brother Cynical's role:

All laws of nature - nothing patent eligible here.

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