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September 16, 2018


Both TTAB and CAFC are ignorant of the meaning of the word Tai Chi and the Tai Chi symbol in the marks. What's more, none who adopted Tai Chi symbol can change its colors as TTAB claimed (that claim that one can change his mark with Tai chi symbol to be green at will shows that TTAB is ignorant of the meaning of Tai Chi symbol - -black and white in Tai Chi symbol has its specific meaning ).

The ruling is absurd to anyone who know Chinese language and culture.

Without needed knowledge of the the word originated in foreign languages and foreign cultural symbols, none can make a sound judgment of the marks.

Both TTAB and CAFC have abused their discretion without knowing it.

This ruling made USA legal system a laughing stock in the eyes of anyone knows the meaning of Tai chi and Tai Chi symbol.

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