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July 10, 2018


Am thankful to the PCT system. This will promote very smooth prosecution of the National Phase Applications which in turn will reduce time and prevent any backlogs.

Thanks once again.

Best regards
Shaklain Khurshid

500 apps searched total (per country) - is that even close to a meaningful number?

It's a test, skeptical - and I think the idea is to see if it's viable for the patent offices and whether applicants want it.

Thanks Dr. Noonan.

While I realize that it is a test, my comment goes more to the infinitesimal number OF that test.

How many applications are filed per year (per participating Sovereign) - in toto? EVEN IF some result is obtained, the disparity related to any sense of "scale-up" would make the current test meaningless.

It is encouraging to see this pilot as this type of collaboration may improve the comprehensiveness of the written opinions regarding novelty and inventiveness. Nevertheless, since none of the opinions are legally-binding, hopefully the offices involved will ensure that some type of oversight is being incorporated to ensure that these opinions are consistent with subsequent prosecution of the applications.

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