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March 14, 2018


Damn right! Ain't no reason [Tribes] should be exempt from the patent death squad known as PTAB any more 'n the rest of us! Hell, we don't want no new medicines anyhow, an havin' the PTAB invalidate everthin' that comes its way is a darn good way to be sure don't get no new medicines. An' we know these senators are honorable folk, and never lie or grandstand or misrepresent facts for the sake of gettin' a few votes.

Thank you for this article. Hopefully the Patent Office is on record with their analysis of this bill and their recommendations. Perhaps you could add the stance of the Patent Office as an addendum.

My very first impression from this action from Congress is that such proves the point of the Tribe in the immediate matter.

If the Tribe were not in fact correct, such an action from Congress would simply not be necessary.

The fact is that Congress (or at least some members of Congress) DO think that a direct Congressional action to limit the immunity position of American Indian Tribes means that something is there that is to be limited by the contemplated action.

We will post when the Office makes a statement (if they do)

Actually all members are motivated to pass something from time to time, if only to justify their existence. The chances to appear to be fighting big pharma in a non-politically loaded way are rare and likely coveted.....

Mr. Snyder,

What would not be "coveted" would to appear to be racially motivated against indigenous Americans and to appear to be ripping up (yet another) "treaty" as has happened so many times in the less admirable portions of this nation's heritage.

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