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January 08, 2018


Power corrupts. These PTAB members seem like (insert derogatory plural epithet of choice) on a power trip, and from the PTAB's over-the-top response, it's clear that St. Regis hit a sore spot. PTAB can try to hide behind procedure, but we know it's rigging the game.

Hey Kevin,

I completely agree with Atari Man on this way "over-the-top" response by PTAB. Frankly, this PTAB order is outrageous. In my opinion, it improperly chills the ability of the attorneys for St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to address known issues with PTAB, including: (1) panel stacking; (2) failure to address "conflicts of interests" of panel members; and (3) failure to operate under any standard of "due process" that I can comprehend. With this PTAB order alone, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe would appear to have a serious APA issue to raise on appeal.

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