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November 14, 2017


With this particular panel, was the outcome ever in doubt?

Hey Michael,

As this case and others before it proved, the nonsensical Mayo/Alice framework is an utter joke. SCOTUS should be embarrassed for foisting this absurdity on us in brazen disregard of the express words in 101 and thoroughly conflating it with other sections of the patent statutes. May be we should offer a supply of Ouija boards to the Federal Circuit-they couldn't do any worse in determining patent-eligibility under 101.

The asserted analogy to McRO is strained. McRO was a technological improvement in animated movie lip sync. Not a mere computer memory data storage cleanup system. There were numerous prior versions of the latter, especially in the early days of computers having more limited memory. Including selecting files of a large size to consider deleting first.

"Not a mere computer memory data storage cleanup system."


Now THAT is strained.

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