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September 21, 2017


Under agency theory, this point is rather puzzling:

The capacity for Cray's sales representative to move his residence out of the district at any time without Cray's approval vitiates for the Federal Circuit the permanence required by the venue statute.

That's pointing to a meaningless fact. The important fact is that the agent of Cray DID HAVE an established business presence.

Cray's direct "ownership" is a red herring.

Additionally, the “$350 million in sales over the past 7 years” allegedly developed by 2 Cray sales executives allowed to work from home in E.D. TX [instead of at their office outside E.D.TX] is not even asserted to be any sales of any Cray products to anyone in E.D. TX, and the recited facts suggest otherwise.

What does "any sales of any Cray products to anyone in E.D. TX" have to do with anything?

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