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August 15, 2017


Aside from the obvious takeaway of "It's a crapshoot" and the (should be) equally obvious nod to Void for Vagueness (which is surprisingly absent from academic discussions), how are any of these "luck of the panel" decisions honoring the supposed effect of stare decisis and the fact that any secondary panel should not be contradicting a previous panel (that's for an en banc group to do)?

Who is in charge of making sure the judges of the CAFC adhere to this concept?

"Regardless, this case once again reminds us that when dealing with a § 101 contention, what is said in the specification is important."

Hey Michael,

Absolutely correct when considering patent-eligibility or any other patentability issue. This case illustrates the huge danger of district courts trying to resolved intensely factual issues like patent-eligibility on summary judgment/12(b)(6) motions. That Hughes (the dissenter) doesn't get this problem is mind-boggling.

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