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March 23, 2017


Hey Andrew,

Very nice and balanced write up on this case, unlike that other patent blog that calls itself "America's leading patent law source" and provides a completely one-sided version of this case that gives only the TC Heartland's side of the story and not Kraft Foods' side.


So you noticed that as well, eh?

Color me shocked - shocked I say.

(well, not really)

Hey Skeptical,

LOL, I have! No "fair and balanced" on that patent blog.

As far as I can tell, EG, that "other blog" has just blocked outright any and all comments from yours truly.

Nothing like censorship when the posts are too close to the truth for comfort (someone's comfort, someone who does not like or want people to actually employ some critical thinking).

Then again, perhaps it is just some wrinkles that they are ironing out with the new "report" functionality...


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