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February 01, 2017


Once again - ALL software can be recognized as manufactures intended to be machine components that in one way or another improve something in the context of computer capabilities.

Soft-WARE is nothing more than a design choice of "-wares" FOR the context of computer capabilities.

If your test for overcoming abstractness is to look into the specification and see if it discusses a problem and solution in a technological field, then every patent application is non-abstract.

"...[T]he Court finds the asserted CLAIMS of the ’360 Patent RECITE specific implementation of

I'm not sure which claims were asserted, but No, mr. judge man, Claim 1 does not recite a system of retrieving and accessing files stored in a computer system. It's a method comprising 3 steps, creating a table, creating a directory, and creating a filter. There's no use of the three data structures even recited in the claim. At least ones of the claims in that patent are abstract.

But again, I think he was deciding "is there at least one claim that isn't abstract?", to which the answer could easily be yes.

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