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January 22, 2017


Breadth is a 112 issue.

We (the royal "we" to be sure) are merely adding to the conflating of 101 with the other portions of the statute.

There is a reason why the Act of 1952 took a single paragraph and broke that paragraph up into SEPARATE sections of law.

Attempts to rewrite history may fly for those who have not learned history, but the lessons learned from that path are already with us (the royal us, to be sure), if we care to understand them.

However, those lessons do not align with the desired ends of some who push the power of the court to usurp the power of the legislators, and thus it is with purpose that eyes are clenched tight to the pertinent history of the actual law of 101 (and why it was broken apart from 102/103 and the rest of the statute).

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