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January 24, 2017


Since ALL software is manufactured (by the hand of man) to be a computer component - by definition - the "logic" here opens very wide the path to overcoming any mere "that is software and thus 'abstract' rejection.

Just point out that the software is directed to making the computing environment improved.

This of course can be tied back into the basic premise of "just using" software. One never can "just use" software on a (still undefined) generic computer, because to "just use" the "generic computer" must first be changed and RE-CONFIGURED with the software.

If one can "just use" a generic computer without first loading the software, then the software (and the changes brought about by RECONFIGURING a machine with that software) are not required, and the generic computer can be said to already - INHERENTLY - have the capability of the claimed software innovation.

On the other hand, if a generic computer does NOT inherently already have the capability of the innovation, then de facto, the generic computer MUST be changed in order to have the capability (in the claimed software innovation).

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