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November 17, 2016


"[G]etting Mr. Trump's attention to these issues may be as simple as letting him know that 'China is winning' in light of some of the very policies (such as subject matter eligibility) touted by the Internet Association in their letter."

Is this intended as a noble lie to advance some worthy cause? Otherwise, I cannot understand the logic on which the assertion is meant to stand. How does China "win" if patent eligibility standards are set more stringently? I can understand how innovators lose in such a circumstance, but how does that make China a "winner"?

Thanks, Grzesz, for pointing out that was did not complete the thought.

There is a growing body of data showing that certain inventions are patented in Europe and China and not patented in the US. As a result, these inventions can be pirated with impunity in this country but are protected abroad. Not it is certainly an oversimplification to say "China is winning" but this isn't a good situation for US inventors or industry and could focus Mr Trump's attention on the issue.

Thanks for the comment

Eli Lilly is headquartered in Indianapolis, and so we can hope Pharma will have the ear of VP-elect Pence.

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