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September 13, 2016


My biggest problem with the decision is that it is an absolute mush and a false rehashing of the actual history of the prior Supreme Court decisions in an attempt to make the 101 jurisprudence seem to be on some steady evolving course of clarity (where no such clarity is indeed possible given the actual decisions).

For example, conveniently left out in the retelling was that Benson and Flook were cabined by Diehr (see Bilski), and yet, the very parts cabined are being reborn and placed next to Diehr as if there is no disparity.

Instead of new and actual clothes, we are just being asked to admire the "new" nakedness of this season's fashion line as some "improvement" over last season's fashion line of nakedness.

Anyone who actually studies the Supreme Court decisions - including noting exactly who said what when (and why) would quickly realize the falsity in the "new" narrative.

As another example, the "warning" in Chakrabarty is conveniently nowhere to be seen.

I bet when you guys originally launched a "Biotech & Pharma Patent Law & News Blog," you had no idea how much time you would end up spending to cover § 101 software cases. It is funny how the SCotUS had brought us pharma types together with the software people.

My humble suggestion for a new tag line:

"Patent Docs: Biotech, Pharma, Software, and Business Methods"

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