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August 31, 2016


Or as Alice showed in software, maybe innovation accelerates?

Competition is good.

Alice does not bear out what you want it to bear out Mr. J. E.

The ability of Big Corp to indulge in efficient infringement and the lack of protection for disruptive innovation just is not the "competition" that you think is brought about by Alice.

Competition is good, but if entire fields of technology are blanketed as unpatentable it won't be good. The problem section 101 was intended to solve is monopolizing technology too far upstream. Not what its currently morphed into.

Dear J.E.: not sure the verdict is in about your conclusion, but there is a big difference in investment, "sunk" costs, and obsolescence timelines between software and biotech/pharma that suggests that even if innovation in software has increased since Alice it doesn't mean there would be a similar outcome for these technologies.

Thanks for the comment

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