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July 28, 2016


Another "exception" that swallows the rule...

If all you need is that somehow the patent protects something that makes money, then ALL patents of any value are swallowed up into the scope of the review.

Skeptical Dogberry categorizes as an "exception" to a "rule" the finding that:

"such concepts fail to improve an existing technological process. As a result, the PTAB found that the claims failed step 2 of the § 101 patentable subject matter determination"

He's like the guy driving the Autobahn who gets a call from his wife on his cell, warning of a car driving the wrong way on the Autobahn.

"Not just one, dear" he replies. "There are hundreds of them".

Dogberry is a fan of set theory but seems to be unable to grasp that there is no absolute prohibition on business methods simply because it is not inconceivable that something in the nature of a "business method" might one day also be viewable as a technical solution to a technical problem.


What are you babbling about?

Did you read the words in the story here? How the argument was used and unfolded?

Or did you just want to take it upon yourself to respond to the poster because of some new pet name that you have amused yourself with and an old joke that just does not fit?

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