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May 23, 2016


So in Boolean notation, the CAFC was saying,

no expectation of success of the combination --> no reason to combine

which is equivalent to

reason to combine --> expectation of success of the combination

[if a --> b is true, then the contrapositive, -b --> -a, is also true]

I thought this was an excellent write-up, especially as a good argument as to why this decision is not necessarily inconsistent with Bilski or KSR. It also tips off future IPR parties as to something else to consider adding to their declarations.
Off topic, but I think many readers would really like to see a "Patent Docs" blog by a real patent damages expert on what the real impact will be of any patent claims ending up after the ongoing interference on CRISPER - widely viewed a multi-billion dollar invention.* In particular, what patent infringement damages recovery, if any, is possible for making, using or selling plants, animals or pharmaceuticals developed by CRISPER gene splicing, vis a vis what damages are recoverable just for using that tool to making the prototypes from which the products are replicated?

*P.S. Noting that in many modern PTAB interferences it is not at all unusual for one or both parties to lose interfering claims as invalid in the interference motions period, before any priority [of invention date] contest.

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