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April 04, 2016


A thoughtful opinion and a thorough review of existing law, which I have added to my collection of significant cases. Hopefully it will not be summarily reversed by the Federal Circuit.

She foreshadowed her feelings about Alice in similar language in previous rulings. I don't agree with the outcome here, but I agree with her larger criticism of Alice. Its a pure crapshoot based on however a judge may feel about a purported invention.

Sooner or later, the USSC is going to have to find some doctrine for "abstract ideas" that is more objective and repeatable.

I have one in mind ;-)

Maybe Mr. Snyder should instead look to Congress (instead of the Court) to write patent law.

Oh wait, they already have.

"The District Court concluded a rant on § 101 jurisprudence "


Sure, ranting works really, reall well when you're trying to defend a junk claim that should never have been granted.

You'd think the brilliant people at Patent Docs would start growing up by now but apparently not. LOLOLOL

The understanding and application of law (as written by Congress) is at point here.

Somehow, M(emory) M(otel), or MM , or any of a host of sockpuppets seems to like to think that his attempt to cast aspersions by twisting this into some sort of "defend a claim" has anything to do with the actual legal discussions of the law.

He then continues with his (worn out) schtick of ad hominem without any substance and his "Accuse Others" with his own childish "why don't you grow up" meme.

MM, do you realize or even care that your tactics only paint you as a (legal) cretin? Have you no self-awareness?

Of that, I remain...

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