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April 26, 2016


I know about the Printed Matter Doctrine and see it being applied when the issue is patentable novelty. But what about when patentable novelty is acknowledged, and we move on to consider obviousness? In the USA, is the obviousness issue somehow in effect confined to what is or is not obvious in the useful arts,what is or is not obvious technology? Or can considerations outside the ambit of the useful arts (like cleverness in the devising of a marketing campaign) get your claim through to issue under 35 USC 103?

The adage "not even wrong" applies to the thrust of your question, MaxDrei.

Do you have a mind willing to understand? Is there a reason why you ask a question that has been answered for you on at least two different forums stretching back at least half a dozen years?

Or do you think that if you ask often enough that you might receive an answer that you want to hear?

Or perhaps you just want to Tr011 this forum?

Whether any answer satisfies (read that as prompts you to stop trying to throw the same feces at the same wall and expect different results), well, I remain...

"perhaps you just want to Tr011 this forum?"

.... asks the all-time champ of patent blogtr0lling.


Too funny.

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